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Head Cutting, Gutting & Filleting Machine for Pelagic & Whitefish

Main Benefits

  • Multifunction:
    • Heading/Gutting/Filleting
  • Designed for whole fish processing.
  • Adjustable to different fish sizes.
  • High yield, maximum percentage of fillets.
  • Efficient and high-quality filleting.
  • Robust and compact design: small foot-print.
  • Easy access to internal components for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Improved hygiene and safety performance.
  • Low operational cost.
  • Robust and resistant structure.

This machine processes...

Hake, Patagonian Grenadier, Southern blue whiting, Atlantic cod, saithe, Atlantic mackerel, horse mackerel, and morphologically similar species.

The JOSMAR JM-901 multifunction machine has been designed specifically for head cutting, gutting and filleting a wide range of fish species efficiently and with optimal performance.

Its special system of head cutting and filleting guarantees the production of fillets with a regular cut, smooth surface and bone-free.



Whitefish:HakeFrom 300 up to 470 mm of total length.
Whitefish:Atlantic Cod, saithe.From 250 up to 470 mm of total length.
Pelagic fish:Atlantic mackerel, horse Mackerel.From 300 up to 450 mm of total length.
** Max. fish thickness: 110 mm**


  • Throughput rate: Up to 40 fish/min.
  • Product to be processed: Whole fish.
  • Design: Robust and resistant structure.
  • Manufacture: AISI-316 stainless steel, and anticorrosive aluminum, subsequently risalized.
  • Safety and hygiene: According to the current standards. CE marking
  • Operators: 1 person.


All the head cutting, gutting and filleting devices are assembled in a compact and fully integrated machine, thus achieving fast, efficient and high-quality filleting.

Provided with a head cutting system using circular knives, that perform a trapezoidal cut adjusted to the head limits, saving the flesh of the nape.

The gutting and filleting devices are programmed by fish measurement and control sets, in such a way that an optimum result is achieved.

The filleting devices are accurately adjusted manually, according to the weight and the total length of the fish. That allows obtaining an optimal fillet yield with any size of fish.

The conveyor speed of the machine has been designed for a capacity of approx. 40 fish/minute.



The fish is manually placed by the operator in an infeed chute, placed belly down and with the head forward.

Once placed, the fish is automatically introduced into the interior of the machine by means of a tilting movement of the in-feed chute, and it is processed in three phases:


Head Cutting Phase

Inside the machine, special conveyor belts drive the fish, perfectly guided, to the head measuring set, which adjusts its position for the further heading process.

The fish is beheaded by circular knives, which make a trapezoidal cut tight to the head limits, saving the flesh of the nape.

By means of a synchronous system, the fish driven by a transport conveyor is then transferred and guided again by special belts that align the fish perfectly towards the gutting area.

Gutting Phase

The gutting is performed by a longitudinal cut in the ventral area by means of circular knives, adjusting the cut accurately for saving the flesh located in the ventral bone.

This cut can be adjusted manually, in order to get a perfect result and obtain the maximum use of the flesh located in the ventral spine.

Thanks to the tilting system of the ventral cut, the viscera remains attached to the fishbone.

Filleting phase

Once the fish has been gutted, it is transferred perfectly aligned towards the filleting zone, by means of chains that hold it firmly, delicately, and without damaging it.

The filleting is done by means of circular knives, which fit accurately to the central bone.

Next, the fish is taken to the splitting device, where the bone-free fillets are obtained with a high yield.

Finally, the fillets are transported outside of the machine, by means of a stainless steel mesh belt conveyor, which transfers them to the next phase of the process.

The heads, guts and bones are ejected out of the machine from the bottom, at the same time that the fillets are guided outside separately, thus avoiding any possible contamination.



Throughput rate (*):40 fish/min.
Working range:-Whitefish (hake):
From 300 to 470 mm of total length.
-Whitefish (Cod, haddock):
From 250 to 470 mm of total length.
-Pelagic fish (Atlantic mackerel, horse mackerel):
From 300 to 450 mm of total length.
Thickness:110 mm.
Operators:1 person.
Measures (LxWxH):3050 x 730 x 1396 mm
Packaging (LxWxH):3400 x 940 x 1720 mm
Net weight:470 kg.
Gross weight:730 kg.
Housing and structure:Risalnized anticorrosive aluminium, Aisi-316 stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials.
Knives:Special stainless steel.
Water:11-13 l/min.
Water pressure:2-3 bar.
Drive:Electric motor.
Total power:2,20 kW
(*) Depending on the fish condition and the skill of the operator.





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