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Multispecies Filleting Machine

Main Benefits

  • Multi-species.
  • Efficient and high-quality filleting.
    • smooth surface
    • no gaping
    • not blood spots
  • High yield, maximum percentage of fillets.
  • Easy to use. Optimal ergonomics.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Compact design, small foot-print.
  • State-of-the-art hygienic design.
  • Robust and resistant structure.

This machine processes...

Hake, Patagonian Grenadier, Atlantic cod, saithe, rock Grenadier, gilthead sea bream, Nile tilapia, redfish, blackbelly rosefish, black scabbardfish, and other morphologically similar species.

The JOSMAR JM-900 Filleting Machine has been specifically designed for efficient filleting of different fish species with optimum performance.



  • Applications:
    • Whitefish: Hake, Patagonian Grenadier, Atlantic cod, saithe, rock Grenadier.
    • Aquaculture fish: Gilthead sea bream, Nile tilapia.
    • Redfish: Redfish, blackbelly rosefish.
    • Others: Black scabbardfish.
    • Other morphologically similar species.
  • Throughput rate: Up to 40 fish/min, depending on the size and fish species.
  • Working range:
    • Whitefish: Up to 400 mm of total length, head included.
    • Aquaculture fish: Up to 350 mm of total length, head included.
    • Redfish: Up to 300 mm of total length, head included.
    • Others: Black scabbardfish, up to 1000 mm of total length, head included.
  • Fish thickness: 100 mm.
  • Product to be processed: Fish previously headed, with viscera or gutted.
  • Adaptation Kits:  Easy installation. Available for different species.
  • Design: Compact and robust, small foot-print.
  • Manufacture: AISI-316 stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Safety: The machine complies with CE quality and safety regulations.
  • Operators: 1 person.
  • The fish, previously beheaded, is placed manually by the operator with the trunk forward, between two conveyor belts that hold and introduce the fish into the machine.

  • Once inside the machine, the fish is transferred to chain conveyors with spikes, which hold it firmly and delicately, and without causing any damage.

  • These chains conveyors guide the fish perfectly aligned, towards two circular knives, which cut the fish ventral area from the end of the abdominal cavity to the tail.

  • As the fish advances, two circular knives cut both “flanks” sides of the “belly”, in addition to cutting the ventral lobe.
  • This operation is controlled and adjusted according to the fish size and species.

  • The fish is carried by the chain conveyors, and then two guiding plates are introduced into the cut previously opened by the belly flank blades, separating the meat from the bone.

  • Then the fish continues its advance towards the centering washers, which guide the caudal fin between the separating knives.

  • The filleting process is completed by the cut made by the separating knives, which are precisely adjusted to the central bone and make the cut that separates the dorsal part of the fish from it, obtaining the fillets.

  • Finally, the fillets are carried outside the machine through a modular plastic belt conveyor, being transferred to the next stage of the process.

  • The bones are discharged from the lower part of the machine separately from the fillets, thus avoiding any possible contamination of the fillets.

Throughput rate (*):40 fish/min.
Working range:-Whitefish: Up to 400 mm of total length, head included.
-Aquaculture fish: Up to 350 mm of total length, head included.
-Redfish: Up to 300 mm of total length, head included.
-Others: (Black scabbardfish) Up to 1000 mm of total length, head included.
Maximum thickness:100 mm.
Operators:1 person.
Measures (LxWxH):2309 x 732 x 1215 mm.
Packaging (LxWxH):2500 x 950 x 1480 mm.
Net weight:375 kg.
Gross weight:465 Kg.
Housing and structure:AISI-316 stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials
Knives:Special high-strength steel.
Water:8-10 l/min.
Water pressure:2-3 bar.
Machine drive:Electric gear motor.
Total power:2,2 kW.
(*) Depending on the fish conditions and the operator skill.





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