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Automatic Skinning Machine

Main Benefits

  • High-quality fillet skinning.
  • Only the skin is removed, leaving the silver film in the fillets.
  • Easy conversion from standard to deep skinning.
  • Smooth finish without skin traces.
  • Long service life with continuous operation.
  • Maximum performance.

This machine processes...

Whitefish, pelagic fish, aquaculture fish, salmonids, and other morphologically similar species.

The JOSMAR JM-702  Skinning Machine is an automatic skinner equipped with conveyor belts, with a high throughput rate.

The machine has been designed to remove just the skin (dermis) of the fish fillets, without loss of muscle, leaving intact the silver film (hypodermis) that covers the muscle and obtaining the maximum yield of the skinless fillet.



  • Applications:
    • Whitefish: Hake, Patagonian Grenadier, Atlantic cod, pink cusk-eel, saithe.
    • Redfish: Blackbelly rosefish.
    • Salmonids: salmon, trout, old wife.
    • Other: Gurnard, Atlantic pomfret, rubio, palometa, wreckfish.
    • Other fish morphologically similar species.
  • Fish size: It processes all sizes of these types of fish.
  • Maximum fillet size:
    • Maximum width: 380 mm.
    • Max. fish thickness:  90 mm.
    • Unlimited length.
  • Throughput rate: 30/140 fillets/minute, depending on the fillet size.
  • Design: Compact and robust.
  • Manufacture: AISI-316 stainless steel, with anticorrosive bronze housing.
  • Safety and hygiene: According to the current standars. CE marking.
  • Operators: With the appropriate configuration, no operator is required.
  • A PVC conveyor belt transports the fish fillets, with the skin downwards and the tail forward, to a grooved roller. Above the roller, there is a fixed special knife. Led between the knife and the roller, the skin is firmly seized and removed. The grooves of the roller catch the skin of the fish and the knife detaches it from the muscle, leaving intact the silver film that covers the muscle.
  • Underneath the grooved roller that removes the skin, there is another scraper roller that detaches the skin towards the skin unloading chute.
  • The machine is equipped with two independent pressure rollers to achieve a better result. These rollers apply the right pressure on the fillet so that the grooved roller catches the skin, and the fixed knife detaches it from the muscle.
  • After the skinning process, the skinless fillet is transported by the unloading conveyor, built with stainless steel mesh.
  • Small fillets can be placed in rows of two.
  • Manufactured in stainless steel Aisi-316 and anti-corrosive bronze housing, which offers optimum robustness in adverse environments conditions, both onboard ships and in onshore.
  • Easy access to all parts and components for easy maintenance.
  • The rollers and the knife are easy to install and dismantle.
  • Maximum safety for the operator which is increased by enclosed safety switches, grids, and liners.



  • All JOSMAR skinning machines are made of Aisi 316 stainless steel.
  • The conveyor belts and the pressure rollers are made of food grade material.
  • The manufacture of the equipment complies with the most demanding hygiene standards. Hygienic design with smooth surfaces and protruding parts inside the machine covered, for easy cleaning during operation. Its hygienic design turns into time-saving during the cleaning process.
  • Important details: The fish fillet drive roller can be rotated manually for cleaning.
  • Components such as the pressure roller, conveyor belts, and knife holder can be removed without tools, making easier to clean the equipment.
Throughput rate (*):30/140 fish fillets/min.
Maximum fillet dimension:– Max. width 380 mm.
– Thickness up to 90 mm.
– Unlimited length.
Operators:With the right configuration, no operator is required.
Measures (LxWxH):2090 x 715 x 1120 mm.
Packaging (LxWxH):2300 x 950 x 1300 mm.
Net weight:270 kg.
Gross weight:490 kg.
Housing and structure:Stainless steel Aisi-316, with anticorrosive bronze housing.
Infeed conveyor:PVC belt, sawteehth surface.
Discharging conveyor: Stainless steel mesh.
Peeling roller:Stainless steel with special treatment.
Water:13 l/min.
Water pressure:2-3 bar.
Machine drive:Electric gear motor.
Total power:1,5 kW
Cleaning Roller Type Cleaning Rake.
Injected water cleaning system.
Water sprinkler system to ensure removal of skin remains.
Water spray system with adjustable flow on toothed roller, hopper roller and worktop.
Rotating rollers with rotation inversion.
Knife pressure device, cushioning, adjustable height.
Knife holder damped by springs.
Ergonomic, height-adjustable 24-volt safe footswitch.
Sealing: Electrical parts and bearings are sealed to water.
(*) depending on the size of the fish and the operator skill.





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