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Fish Splitting Machine

Main Benefits

  • Adaptable to different fish species.
  • “Butterfly” fish opening or open to the half, symmetrical and adjusted.
  • Throughput rate: Up to 24 fish/min.
  • Perfectly gutted and clean fish. Ready for consumption.
  • Type cuts: dorsal & ventral.
  • Length and depth cut adjustable.
  • Easy to use. Optimum ergonomics.
  • Low operating cost.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Designed according to safety standards. CE marking.
  • Compact design, minimum space.
  • Robust and resistant structure.


This machine processes...

The JOSMAR JM-210 Splitting Machine has been specifically designed to open fish in half, and gut it efficiently with optimum performance.

Its special cutting and gutting system guarantees the production of fish opened in “butterfly” (Split-open), free of guts and ready for consumption.



  • Applications:
    • Aquaculture fish: Gilthead sea bream, sea bass, Nile tilapia, shi drum.
    • Pelagic fish: Atlantic mackerel, horse mackerel.
    • Redfish: Red porgy.
    • Others: Common dentex, white seabream, trout, and other morphologically similar species.
  • Working range:
    • Total length: Max. 350 mm.
    • Thickness: Up to 80 mm.
  • Throughput rate: 24 fish/min.
  • Cutting Knife: Ø 200 mm.
  • Gutting brush: Ø 230 mm.
  • Product to be processed: Whole fish.
  • Fish feeding system: From the top of the machine.
  • Type of cut: Ventral & dorsal butterfly cut, split-open.
  • Manufacture: Aisi-316 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant materials and food-grade plastics.
  • Machine drive: Electric.
  • Safety: Provided with an emergency stop device. CE Marking.
  • Operators: 1 person


Optional equipment:

  • Working platform: Adjustable in height and lateral arrangement, according to the installation needs.
  • Fish buffer tank: To facilitate the machine feeding process.
  • Other devices and supporting structures, for perfect integration of the machine in the processing line.

The fish is placed with the tail forward and the belly up or down in an alveolus. The opening of the fish can be ventral or dorsal, according to the needs.

To ensure that the fish is perfectly held for proper cutting, gutting and cleaning process, the tail has to be inserted in a hole provided for this purpose, between to retractable clamps.

The drag chain introduces the fish into the machine where it is processed in three stages:


  1. First stage: The fish is cut it lengthwise. For this purpose, a rotating blade cuts the fish in half, in a perfectly symmetrical way, so that once opened it takes on a shape similar to a butterfly. The two symmetrical halves of the fish are joined together on the dorsal or ventral side according to the chosen fish infeed position. The central spine is always joined to one side of the open fish.
    The depth and length of the cut are adjusted and regulated according to the type of fish and the required presentation of the product.
  2. Second stage: The gutting is carried out by means of a rotating brush that eliminates the viscera, leaving the fish perfectly clean.
  3. Third stage:   The fish is washed with pressurized water so that when it leaves the machine it is perfectly clean and ready for consumption. Once the fish is clean, it continues to the exit, where it is released from the clamps that hold it, allowing it to fall to the next processing and packaging stage.
    Once the washing process is completed, the fish is moved to the exit of the machine where the clamps that hold the fish are opened and allow the fish to fall to the next stage of processing and packaging.



Throughput rate(*):24 fish/min.
Working range:From 15 up to 350 mm of total length and up to 80 mm wide.
Max. fish thickness:120 mm.
Cutting knife:Ø 200 mm.
Gutting brush:Ø 230 mm.
Operators:1 persona
Measures (LxWxH):2445 x 907 x 1225 mm.
Packaging (LxAxH):2700 x 1180 x 1500 mm.
Net weight:600 Kg.
Gross weight:740 Kg.
Housing and structure:Aisi-316 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant materials and food-grade plastics.
Water:12 l/min.
Water pressure:2-3 bar.
Knife drive:Electric motor, 2,20 kW.
Conveyor drive:Electric motor, 0,37 kW.
Total power:2,57 kW.
* Depending on the condition of the fish and the skill of the operator.





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