Jacuzzi washing machine system


This fish washer, by means of a Jacuzzi system, allows for a careful washing of fish, shellfish and cephalopods in a very soft and delicate manner.

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This fish washer, by means of a Jacuzzi system, allows for a careful washing of fish, shellfish and cephalopods in a very soft and delicate manner.

  • To achieve this, a turbine blows air into perforated pipes located at the base of the tank.
  • The air exits through the 3 mm diameter perforations, creating bubbles that stir the water.
  • The product is stirred during the whole time it remains inside the tank, so it is washed efficiently, leaving the product of blood, scales, sand, etc.

Technical information


  • The structure and dimensions of the tank are designed according to the needs of each process.
  • The tank has a rectangular section, with an inclined base to facilitate its cleaning.

For cleaning and drainage, it is equipped with a water emptying valve and sanitary tank doors located at the base of the tank.

  • The washing machines installed onboard fishing vessels have a perimeter water channel, which leads the water that overflows due to the balance of the vessel to a collector.
  • Structure built in AISI-316 with plate and profiles in AISI-316 stainless steel.


Product extraction conveyor belt:

  • Conveyor for extracting fish from INTRALOX modular plastic belt with pushers. PE material.
  • The conveyor has a Z lifting shape.
  • To facilitate its cleaning, the conveyor pivots on the edge of the tank, coming out from the inside of it.
  • Open conveyor structure for easy cleaning.
  • PE profiles for sliding of the modular belt.
  • Equipped with hydraulic or electric gear motor with adjustable speed and start/stop times.
  • Built-in stainless steel quality AISI-316, and plastics approved for use in contact with food.


Water pressure nozzles for washing:

  • Located on the inclined section of the conveyor, to wash the product coming out of the tank with pressurized water.
  • The pressure nozzles are located inside a splash guard.


Air Blower Turbine:

  • 1.10 kW blower turbine.
  • Built with rust-resistant materials, suitable for installation in humid and corrosive environments.
  • Located in the tank and protected by a fairing manufactured in stainless steel.



  • Water recirculation pump.

Water recirculation pump with open impeller stainless steel body. Suction by means of a filtering system with removable panels. Impulsion through pipe circuit, in stainless steel, with completion in applications of spraying nozzles, cascade elements or laminar flow nozzles.

  •  Conveyor lifting system.

 Mechanical system for lifting the conveyor belt operated from the control panel.



  • Electrical cabinet in glass fibre reinforced polyester resin, electrical equipment by the best brands, safety control voltage at 24 volts.
  • Programmable automat. JOSMAR® software.
  • Stop-start button panel, as well as an emergency mushroom in the front of the panel.
  • Motor guard, relays and other electrical equipment.
  • General switch on load.
  • It includes an electronic variator to regulate the speed of the belt.
  • It regulates the water level in the tank, acting on the solenoid of the water supply valve.



Control of the recirculation pump and the mechanical lifting system.



  • Built to measure and according to the needs of the project.
  • Indicative dimensions (LxWxH):4200 x 650 x 1950 mm.
  • Available in different models and sizes, depending on the product, format and production needs.

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