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Fish sausage filler

Equipment designed to stuff pieces of fish fillet inside a continuous plastic film tube.

Its stuffing system fills the film tube with fish muscle in a compact, homogeneous manner.

  • High rigidity cylindrical compression chamber with 10 mm thick wall, ground and polished to avoid interior losses.
  • Load capacity of the cylindrical chamber: 50 litres/cycle.
  • High rigidity cylindrical compression cover to avoid deformations; with watertight seal and closure, and with lateral hinged opening to allow the loading of the product to be stuffed.
  • Outlet chamber with its corresponding stuffing pipe insulated by means of a pneumatically operated guillotine valve.
  • Filling pipe with a 60 mm diameter.
    • Optionally, the diameter could be adjusted to the customer’s requirements.
  • Product pusher, driven linearly by a hydraulic cylinder.
  • Control of the cylinder by a three-position hydraulic distributor: fill-stop-lower.
  • Hydraulic operation, with decompression by hydrostatic system.
  • Connections for coupling to the factory’s hydraulic system.
  • Pressure and speed regulation.
  • Completely made in AISI-316 quality stainless steel.



Full equipment:

  • Length: 1.150 mm
  • Width:      700 mm

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