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Feeding and accumulation hopper with washing system

  • Designed to accumulate and wash fish or cephalopods, and to feed and dose in a controlled manner the accumulated product to the next process stage.
  • Fitted with a washing system by means of a pump for the recirculation of the water in the tank itself.
  • The tank is fitted with a perimeter overflow to collect dirty water and foam and to convey these to the drainage system.
  • The equipment also has a shower system installed on the extraction conveyor, at the tank outlet, to rinse the product. The showers are fed with mains water and the water expelled by the nozzles returns to the tank, renewing the water inside it.
  • The tank has a rectangular shape, with an inclined base to facilitate its cleaning, and inside there is a plastic modular belt conveyor that extracts the product from the hopper, transferring it in a controlled way to the next phase of the process.


Operating the equipment

The product is loaded into the tank where a large quantity of water is circulated for cleaning without affecting its quality.

To remove the accumulated fish or cephalopods from the buffer tank with water inside, the motor of the product extraction conveyor is started, removing product from the inside of the tank and transferring it to the next process phase.

The amount of product extracted is regulated by adjusting the speed of the extraction conveyor and the stop/start sequence. These parameters are set in the control panel.

Accumulation tank

  • Rectangular shape with angled base.
  • Sanitary tank doors on the side walls of the tank to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.
  • Structure built with AISI-316 stainless steel plate.
  • Supports built with tubular profiles adjustable in height for correct levelling.
  • Water recirculation system for cleaning the product.


Washing system 

  • Washing system using clean water showers with appropriate spray nozzles, on the angled section of the extraction conveyor, to prevent ice and possible foam from rising next to the product.
  • Dirty water and foam collector around the perimeter of the vat to collect these and conduct them.
  • Filters located on the side of the vat, easily removable, for the suction of the pump.
  • Effective water recirculation system to guarantee the washing of the product by creating turbulence inside the vat without damaging the quality of the product during the process.


 Extraction conveyor for extracting product

  • Conveyor for the extraction of the fish from INTRALOX modular plastic belt with pushers.
  • Hydraulic or electric motor, with adjustable speed and start/stop times.
  • Built-in stainless steel quality AISI-316, and plastics approved for use in contact with food.
  • Showers incorporated to the tank outlet for a final wash/rinsing of the product.



  • Built to measure and according to the needs of the project.

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