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Filleting machine for small pelagic fish

Main Benefits

  • Heading, gutting, filleting in one compact machine
  • High performance.
  • High yield.
  • Easy to use.
  • Optimal ergonomics.
  • Low operating cost.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Custom made for individual needs.
  • Designed according to safety standards. CE standard
  • Robust construction.

This machine processes...

Sardine, Herring and mackerel

The JOSMAR JM-906 Head Cutting, Gutting and Filleting Machine has been designed for filleting pelagic fish and similar species, with high throughput rate and optimal yield.

Possible product variations:

  • Single fillet
  • Butterfly fillet
  • Gutted fish trunks (nobbing)


  • Applications:
    • Sardine, Sardina pilchardus,
    • Herring, Clupea harengus.
    • Mackerel, Scomber scombruss,
  • Throughput rate: 200/250 fishes/min.
  • Working range:
    • Length:  From 14 up to 25 cm of total length.
    • Weight:  From 25g up to 125 g.
  • Fish feeding system: manual feeding.
  • Fish loading area: ergonomic and efficient.
  • Fish accumulation tray: inclined toward operators to make easier to pick up and place the fish in the conveyor.
  • Electrical drive: 2 electric motors of 2.2kW and 0.37kW.
  • Safety: Provided with an emergency stop device. The machine complies with CE quality and safety regulations.
  • Manufacture: Robust design in AISI-316 stainless Steel, corrosion resistant materials, and food grade plastic.
  • Operators: Up to 3 persons.

Optional equipment:

  • Working platform: Adjustable height according to the installation needs.


  • Fish is manually fed into the machine and placed on the transport bucket, with the head towards the operator and the belly towards the cutting knife.
  • Following, the fish is carried by a conveyor belt in a controlled way to the rotating knife, where a straight and precise cut is performed, so the head is separated from the trunk.
  • The head-cutting is adjustable according to the species and size of the fish. An optimal yield is obtained by a precise cut guided by the own fish.
  • The next step is tail cutting, which is performed with high precision through a rotating knife. Tail cut is also adjustable according to the species and size of the fish.
  • After this, the fish trunk is transferred into the filleting system, which is fully integrated at the filleting section of the machine.
  • It is also possible to obtain eviscerated fish trunks (nobbing) with or without tail fin
  • The conveying and filleting system of the machine is designed for a throughput rate from 200 up to 250 fishes/min or higher, depending on the operator performance loading the fish into the machine at the feeding conveyor.
Throughput rate (*):200/250 fish/min. (*)
Fish length:From 140 to 220 mm of total length.
Fish weight:From 25 to 125 gr.
Maximum thickness:45 mm.
Operators:Up to 3 persons.
Measures (LxAxH):3000 x 2145 x 1495 mm.
Packaging (LxAxH):
Net weight:455 Kg.
Gross weight:900 Kg.
Housing and structure:Acero inox. Aisi-316, aluminio, materiales resistentes a la corrosión y plásticos de grado alimentario.
Knives:Special high-strength steel.
Water:30-40 l/min.
Water pressure:2-3 bar.
Machine drive:2 Electric gear motor 0.56 kW y 2.23 kW.
Total power:2,7 kW.
(*) En función del tamaño y tipo de pescado, así como de la destreza de los operarios.





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