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Bins tipper

  • It is a tipping machine designed to empty large plastic bins, tubs or crates of various sizes in a gradual and controlled manner.
  • Built to the size of the container used in the process (600 lt, 1.000 lt, etc).
  • Unloading height 1,000 mm.
  • The equipment turns the container with the right angle of folding to guarantee the discharge of all the product it contains.


  • Rigid, robust structure, built with stainless steel plate and profiles.
  • The structure is anchored to the floor by means of spits.
  • Tilting box made of stainless steel plate.
  • With reinforcement ribs in plate also made of stainless steel.


  • Container tipping operated by two stainless steel hydraulic cylinders.
  • Autonomous hydraulic unit of 3.00 kW or 5.50 kW, depending on the weight of the container, integrated into the equipment.
  • Dosing lid in the tipping area hydraulically operated by 2 stainless steel cylinders.
  • The movement of this dosing lid is made through the automaton that governs the movement of the turner.


  • Electrical cabinet in glass fibre reinforced polyester resin, electrical equipment by the best brands, safety control voltage at 24 volts.
  • Programmable automat. JOSMAR software.
  • Stop-start button panel, as well as emergency mushroom in the front of the panel.
  • Motor guard, relays and other electrical equipment.
  • General switch on load.


  • Perimeter protection barrier.
  • Safety elements indicating movement by means of light or acoustic beacon.
  • Built and equipped according to EC safety standards.

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