Vacuum unit for gutting with rectangular shape vacuum tank


Watertight stainless steel tank, designed for transferring fish waste by means of vacuum.

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The vacuum suction system comprises the following elements:

  • Vacuum tank, where the negative pressure required for the transfer is generated.
  • Power unit, with the vacuum pump, motor and valves for the operation of all the elements of the system.
  • Control panel and control unit to adapt the pump performance  to the working conditions at all times.
  • Suction and ejection manifolds for product distribution.



Function of the tank

Watertight stainless steel tank, designed for transferring fish waste by means of vacuum.

A vacuum pump generates a negative pressure or vacuum inside the tank to suck the viscera from a heading machine.

Once the tank is full of viscera, it is discharged by gravity through the opening of a gate.

The capacity and shape of the tank are designed according to the application.

In order to obtain the necessary airtightness inside the tank, the tank has inlet and outlet ports of nominal diameter according to the size of the product to be transferred, equipped with pneumatic valves governed by a PLC control system, which opens or closes them depending on a given pressure.

Technical information


  • The tank has a rectangular shape.
  • Flap valve in the product inlet pipe.
  • Pneumatically operated chopper valve at the product outlet.
  • Fitted with a front manhole with a screwed-on methacrylate cover for the interior display of the tank.
  • For maximum and minimum level control, the tank is equipped with capacitive electrical detectors.
  • Internal cleaning circuit using water.
  • Tank support legs fitted with bolted chocks for perfect leveling to the ship deck.
  • Fully built with sheet and profiles in stainless steel quality AISI-316.




  • Stainless steel electrical cabinet.
  • Pushbuttons, switchgear
  • Emergency pushbutton
  • Speed variator for the vacuum pump.
  • PLC
  • 300 mA differential protection, Class B.


  • Length: 2.000 mm
  • Width: 800 mm
  • Height: 1.120 mm


  • 210 litres.

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