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JOSMAR® has a wide range of transport equipment that covers all the needs required in an industrial plant or a fishing vessel.

JOSMAR® conveyors are designed to suit each project and function, to optimize its efficiency and productivity.

The materials and components of JOSMAR® conveyors guarantee the duration and efficiency of the equipment.

Homogeneous plastic belt and modular plastic belt conveyors

  • Conveyors with fixed or folding side structure
  • Conveyors with laser-cut folded plate stainless steel structure.

Elevators and descenders

  • Lifting conveyors with plastic modular belt with flights.

Carousel Conveyors

  • Carousel conveyors with cardan plastic chain with top plates.


Spiral conveyors

  • Elevators
  • Descenders

Metal chain conveyors

  • Metal belt conveyors


Roller conveyors motor-driven or gravity

  • Straight
  • Curves

this is what our conveyors are like

Hygienic design

Conveyor structure is open and with easy access for internal cleaning.

Equipped with pipes for CIP cleanign in place.

Designed according industrial requirements and regulations, type BRC, IFS and for use in cleanrooms installations.


JOSMAR® supplies conveyors with all types of belts: – Homogeneus belts: PVC, polyurethane, rubber.
– Plastic modular belts.
– Metal belts.
JOSMAR® is the official installer of INTRALOX modular plastic belts and THERMODRIVE polyurethane belts.

Structure and components

Structure built with plate and profiles of stainless steel AISI-316.
Belt sliding guides in PE profiles, or stainless steel bars. Designed for its correct cleaning and hygienic maintenance.
Stainless steel and plastic belt return rollers approved for food use.


Legs and supports built with height-adjustable tubular profiles for proper leveling.
– Double bolted plates to be welded to the deck when installed on ships.
– Stainless steel wheels to facilitate the mobility of the equipment.
– Legs with spherical PE supports, for correct hygiene of the floor.

Drive motor

Selected and adapted for each application and project.
Drum motor, electric direct or gear motor, hydraulic motor.
Bearings and housings
Approved for food industry, with stainless steel bearings and polyamide or stainless steel housings depending on the application.

Automatic devices

JOSMAR® designs its conveyors to manage the flow of products from the beginning to the end of the process, incorporating all types of automatic systems and devices necessary for integration into process lines:

Tray and box detectors, tray retainers, pneumatically-driven diverters, gauge meters, indexing systems.

Control systems

Conveyors Electric control panel available with: protection switch, frequency converters to adjust speed, programmable automaton and touch screen to facilitate their operation, for example, timer, automatic start, etc.


We adapt to your project needs. All our conveyors are custom designed and built.

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