Multiprocess factories

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Design, manufacture and assembly of multi-process lines

Since 1976, JOSMAR® has been designing, manufacturing, and installing onboard equipment and seafood processing lines for the fishing industry worldwide.

We are specialized in supplying turnkey complete factories, specifically designed to process different species of fish, cephalopods, and crustaceans:

  • Fresh, refrigerated, and frozen fish processing lines.
  • Cephalopods processing lines
  • Shrimp processing lines.
  • Aquaculture fish processing lines.


JOSMAR® designs and manufactures a wide range of systems, equipment, and machines, fully integrated into the final solution, taking responsibility and guaranteeing their perfect operation.

As a company specialized in industrial installations, we evolve and improve our system integration services to offer the highest quality with a clear objective:

“To make it easy for our clients by working as Project Manager of their projects from the beginning to the end. Being their direct coordinator and guaranteeing that their factory exactly meets the customer’s expectations”.


Control systems and software

Our automation team includes specialists in electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic technologies, as well as software engineers with extensive knowledge to synchronize every JOSMAR® equipment and system.

This means that the software and operating systems that control each machine, process line, or an entire plant are specifically designed by JOSMAR® for each project.

It also means that the system has been analyzed and designed by a whole team of specialists and programmers, not just one or two technicians and that each member of the team is fully committed to fulfilling the commitment made by JOSMAR® to the customer.

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SINCE 1976

Our Services

We are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of complete solutions for the processing of fish, seafood and cephalopods since 1976.

We have been serving international fishing fleets and fish, seafood and cephalopod processing industries for over 40 years and have become industry leaders worldwide.

Today we have extended our know-how to other industries such as meat, poultry, horticulture and fruit.

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