Lines for defrosting, cleaning and cutting of cephalopods

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  • Lines specifically designed to process a wide range of products: Octopus, cuttlefish, squid, flying-squid, jumbo-squid.
  • Designed to be efficient and productive, with a minimum number of operators.
  • They can integrate specific equipment from other manufacturers, such as weighing systems.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Automated control system integrated with all the equipment of the line.

Equipment to suit your specific needs

JOSMAR® offers the widest range of solutions for cephalopod processing. Lines to perform the initial processes of cephalopod processing, such as:

  • Defrosting, washing, curling, gutting, shucking, skinning, cutting rings or strips, etc.


All the equipment is designed specifically for each product, integrating all the machinery and systems necessary for each process.

The lines integrate various systems and equipment such as:

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SINCE 1976

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We are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of complete solutions for the processing of fish, seafood and cephalopods since 1976.

We have been serving international fishing fleets and fish, seafood and cephalopod processing industries for over 40 years and have become industry leaders worldwide.

Today we have extended our know-how to other industries such as meat, poultry, horticulture and fruit.

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