You're an expert at what you do... we are experts in designing solutions that will help you do it even better.

At JOSMAR® we work hand in hand with our customers sharing knowledge to achieve the best results.

Our sales team, made up of experts in fish product processing, maintains a direct connection with our clients’ technicians and specialists to study and analyse each project specifically and develop special solutions when necessary.

We design our own equipment to interact with any other solution available on the market. This means that you do not need to decide beforehand on suppliers of other specific solutions for each process. We provide you with our experience and advice when choosing the technology that best suits your product, its functionality and your budget.

At JOSMAR® we try to make it easy for you…

we guide you through the entire process in a long-term collaboration. Our goal is to ensure that you have the most efficient equipment and process lines in your plant. Our solutions are designed to be simple to use and achieve the highest yields, thus strengthening your competitive advantage.

Our design team works with you to define your needs and a strategy to implement them. We design and manufacture standardized and customized systems, and have a portfolio of contacts to help you select other suppliers for other equipment.

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