2nd hand machinery


JOSMAR® machines reconditioned in the factory

No matter whether new or used, you can always rely on JOSMAR® stock machines from its different ranges of filleting, heading and skinning machines.  With the original JOSMAR® spare parts we offer an economical, fast and resource-friendly alternative to the primary components in new part quality.

In the factory reconditioning process, the machine is dismantled, cleaned and checked piece by piece, reconditioning it properly and replacing those that need to be replaced with original parts. All these machines are extensively tested and pass strict quality controls before being put back on the market. Through this exhaustive maintenance, we guarantee for all our reconditioned machines, the same level of service as for our new machines:

With the purchase, you benefit from:

  • Personalized advice.
  • Timely start-up and comprehensive instructions.
  • Quick response technical assistance.
  • Supply of original spare parts and software updates.
  • A fully documented machine history.
  • Extensive warranty coverage.

Buyback of used equipment

When you purchase a new solution from our range of filleting, heading or skinning machines we offer you the possibility to buy your JOSMAR® machine at a fair price in line with the market. You no longer need your JOSMAR® filleting, heading or skinning machine? Don’t worry, even in this case we can help you. As a manufacturer we have the experience and competence to offer from factory reconditioning in original equipment quality to correct disposal and recycling of components and parts. Contact us and we will make you an offer for your used JOSMAR® equipment.

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